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Figure Skating is much more than a sport only. It is also an expression of art.

It is grace and lovely evolutions on a mirror of ice. It is something you feel and live.

First you are a part of it, then it becomes
a part of you. So, not only plan and skate but also believe!

Something has changed through the years;
- new rules and judging system
- new levelled programs
- new difficulties in jump combinations
- new variations in spins

But, one thing still remains the same
The Passion!

See you on the ice.


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April 2017
Workshop in Hoorn with Jorik Hendrickx and Julian Lagus.
KNSB certified!

June 2017

SK8Gr8 workshop in Hoorn
with Maja Luther, Niki Wories and Daniella Karsijns.
KNSB certified!

July 2017
Training in Thialf, Heerenveen

August 2017

Summercamp Willingen
12th august until 18th of august

September 2017
Start training in Kardinge



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